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Picking the Right Bird for You

So you're thinking of getting a new best friend? Or adding a friend to one you already have? It makes a difference in your happiness and theirs if you are living with a species of bird that is compatible with your lifestyle and personality.  You should take time to consider your individual personality  and your pet bird's natural temperament before making a commitment. I want you to make an informed choice, not an impulsive one and encourage you to read as much as possible about the species before you place an order.

Below you will find a brief description of the species of birds that we sell.

Please note: any bird may differ from the temperament generalizations customarily assigned to its species as a group.

Blue & Gold Macaw         Umbrella Cockatoo          Goffins Cockatoo          Moluccan Cockatoo 

Blue & Gold Macaw

Scientific name:
Ara ararauna

Common names:
Blue and Gold Macaw,
Blue and Yellow Macaw

Life span: 70-90 years

Length: 32 - 35 inches

Wingspan: 41 - 44.5 inches

Weight: 900 - 1200 g

Diet: Fruits, pellets, veggies, seeds, nuts, pasta and grains

The Blue and Gold Macaw, has a reputation among Macaws for being a good talker. While one can never be sure if their pet parrot will ever talk, the Blue and Gold Macaw is more likely to talk than other varieties of Macaws. The Blue and Gold Macaw is intelligent, affectionate and even-tempered. They are quite good at learning new tricks. In spite of their noisiness and their love of chewing the Blue and Gold Macaw makes a wonderful companion. They are highly social parrots and are very adaptable, they love being around people. 

I can not express enough to expose them at an early age to a variety of experiences (veterinary visits, houseguests, and car rides) to avoid fearful behavior. 




Umbrella Cockatoo
Scientific name:

Alba Cacatua

Common names:
Umbrella Cockatoo,
Great White Cockatoo

Lifespan: 60-70 years
Length: 18 inches
Weight: 550-650 g (1.3 pounds)

Habitat Size: 102 x 76 x 127 cm (40 x 30 x 50 in)
Habitat  Bar Spacing: 25.5 mm (1.0 in)

Diet: Fruits, pellets, veggies, seeds, nuts, pasta and grains


The Umbrella Cockatoos are by far the most affectionate and cuddly of birds. They require a great amount of attention. Cockatoos need toys to play with and chew on. They mimic speech but have a limited number of words in their vocabulary.



Goffins Cockatoo
Scientific name:

Goffini Cacatua

Common names:
 Goffin’s Cockatoo

Lifespan: 60-70 years
Length: 32 cm (13 inches)
Weight: 350 g (12 ounces)

Habitat Size: 81 x 58 x 94 cm (32 x 23 x 37 in)
Habitat  Bar Spacing: 19.5 mm (0.75 in)

Diet: Fruits, pellets, veggies, seeds, nuts, pasta and grains

The Goffin's Cockatoo is a fun-loving, cuddly, and extremely intelligent pet. For the owner who is willing to devote the necessary time, effort and love, the Goffin's will make an extraordinary companion.




Moluccan Cockatoo
Scientific name:

Moluccensis Cacatua

Common names:
Moluccan Cockatoo,
Salmon-Crested Cockatoo

Lifespan: 60+ years
Length: 52 cm. (21-22 inches)
Weight: 640-1025 grams
Habitat Size: 30 x 24 x 30 inches

Habitat  Bar Spacing: 1-1 1/2 inches

Diet: Fruits, pellets, veggies, seeds, nuts, pasta and grains

The Moluccan is one of the largest of the cockatoos.  This bird is valued and prized for its affectionate and intelligent nature. They crave attention and can be noisy at times. They need outlets for their playfulness so toys are quite important. This pet can be constantly entertaining and a good companion. They learn behaviors, both positive and negative. They are very social animals, and get along well with each other. 

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