Toys, Perches and Other Playthings.
Essentials to a Happy Parrot...

Our toys are all hand-made with your parrot in mind.

Each toy is unique its own way and will definitely catch your parrots interest through texture, sight and sound.

Although your toy may differ slightly from the picture shown, it will still have the very affordable price and characteristics that you see here.

Have a design in mind? All of our toys and playthings are hand made keeping that in mind, we may be able to design the toy of your parrots dreams.


Table Top T-Stand
Dimensions: 22" H x 14" W x 22" D.

Roll around T-Stand!!
Java Wood Tree Box Parrot Play Stand. Exterior Dimensions: 38"W x24"D x61"H. Weight: 66lbs.Product Features. A design of nature and of skilled craftsmenship. The space between the branches help provide freedom for you bird to flap their wings. There is also more room to explore. The base is constructed with quality Kamper wood from Kalimantan. 2 Food cups. The cups are designed to look like they've been carved from wood but are actually made of bird safe resin.


Bungee oh what fun!
sm. 12.00, md. 15.00, lg. 20.00


Table Top T-Stand
Add a sand perch for $5.00.

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