Previewed below are pictures of our wonderful and loving babies. We train them to play games as well as teach them good old manners. Look below to see which of our babies are available.
Click on the babies picture to see if he has anything to show you!

**Sold** Sunny **Sold**
Congratulations to Ania, Cameron and family!
Born March 23, 2019.

**SOLD** Dallas **SOLD**
Born April 25, 2019,
Congratulations to Brian and Christi!

**SOLD** Tango **SOLD**
Born April 27, 2019.
Congratulations Hazel, Marcus and girls!!

**SOLD** CoCo **SOLD**
Born April 28, 2019.
Congratulations to the Andrews!!

**SOLD** Abe **SOLD**
Born May 2, 2019!
Steven & Peggy Johnston!!

**SOLD** "Sky" **SOLD**
Born June 4, 2019
Congrats Keeley and JoJo!

**SOLD** " Pheobe" **SOLD**
Born June 6, 2019.
Congratulations Ralph & Leslie!
**Sold** "Azul" **Sold**
Born June 9, 2019
Congratulations Ricardo & Lisabeth!
**SOLD** "Charlie" **SOLD**
Born June 10, 2019
Congratulations to Joe & Thalia!