Previewed below are pictures of our wonderful and loving babies. We train them to play games as well as teach them good old manners. Look below to see which of our babies are available.
Click on the babies picture to see if he has anything to show you!

Moms and Dads are taking a break for the rest of the year. We plan to set the

Aviary back up late November, 2018. I anticipate new babies to hatch late

December, 2018/ early January, 2019.


** SOLD ** Willis **SOLD **
Congratulations to Harold!

** Sold ** "Moon" ** SOLD **
Congratulations to her mommy

**SOLD** "Moe" **SOLD**
Congratulations to Josh & Kellie!!

**SOLD "Rio Sunshine" **SOLD**
Congratulations to his new Mom and Dad
Bryan and JoLynn

**SOLD** "Dallas" **SOLD**
Congratulations to his new Mom and Dad
Kayla & Tim!

**SOLD** Phoenix" **SOLD**
Congratulations to his Mommy Michelle!!

**SOLD** "Bubbles" **SOLD**
Congratulations to Trisha and Janie!!!

** SOLD **Peppy **SOLD **
Congratulations to
James and Cynthia Smith!