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Welcome to T's Exotics
Specializing in sweet, hand fed Exotic Parrots, Macaws and Cockatoos.

Who we are and what we offer

We are a small, family owned and operated aviary located in Pensacola, Florida. Since we are small, we are able to operate a more personalized one on one business. Our goal is to provide you with a healthy, hand fed, parrot as well as the tools and knowledge you will need in adjusting to your new family member. If you should ever have any questions or concerns, we are always here for you.

From day ONE, we go above and beyond to insure that our hand-fed baby parrots are given the "hands on" love and nurturing  which we believe is required for them to develop into an exceptional pet that will be a part of your family for years to come.      



T's Exotics is a closed aviary

 We believe that a closed aviary provides more protection to our parrots from diseases that could potentially be spread by other birds, animals or humans.

Our aviary offers all of our breeding parrots individual flight pens with a concrete floor which provides an environment that can be easily sanitized.

Remember, the better your parrot eats, the longer he will live!

We add variety to our parrots diet and highly recommend that you do too. By offering them a variety of foods allows the parrots to pick and choose what they like. With that in mind, no matter what they choose, we know that it is nutritious,.  Daily, they are offered one or more of the following: fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds. As well as baby food, eggs, crushed egg shell and meat.

Zupreem pelleted food is also offered, making their daily meals well balanced.

See our recipe page for some irresistible recipes that your parrot is sure to enjoy.


Payment plans are available



T's Exotics

Pensacola, Fl 32506

(850) 455-3125

In Memory of Marla Felix

April 8, 2009




I just wanted to write to you to let you know how much Kevin and his dad Jay have gotten so much comfort from Di Vinci. Kevin’s Mom, Marla passed away unexpectedly 2 days before Christmas and I don’t know how they would have coped if not for Di Vinci. They love that bird and play with him every evening when they get home from school and work. He gives them so much joy. The other night Jay came home from work and immediately let Di Vinci out of his cage. (Kevin and Shawn had left that morning for a camping trip.) He put him on the couch and sat down himself. Usually the bird runs up and down the couch like a wild animal for about an hour before they can handle him, but that night Jay started thinking about Marla and a tear rolled down his cheek. Di Vinci immediately noticed the tear and ran over to Jay and looked at it and then licked it off of Jay’s cheek. He then went over to the other side of Jay’s neck and cuddled into the side of his neck and loved and cuddled with Jay and never left him the rest of the evening. Jay said he has never done that before. No playing around that night for him. Who would think that a bird would be that tuned into a person. They have him spoiled rotten. It is so funny to go over when they are eating supper as the bird has his own plate and eats with them. He’s their baby. Iam so glad that Kevin got the bird. Little did we know they would need it so much.  Peg Felix, Ja’s Mom.



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jay said...

it now aug and i been without my wife for a few month now somedays are harder then some but i know on my way home at night i still have someone waiting for me all happy to see me walk in he does everything with me he helps clean the house he helps with dinner he always there we take trips to gradma(my mom) he likes to go to new places but at night we sit and winddown he sits on my shoulder and stay there till bed just quit or sometimes wanting to be made over i miss my wife at these times but having him sure help thanks for all your help and time you take with us your friend Jay and Di Vinci

Posted August 24, 2009 03:00 PM | Reply to this comment

T said...

Your such a great friend and a wonderful mom to our feathered kind. I love it that I have you in my corner when it comes to resueing these feathered friends that we care for so much.Chester and Rocky send you their joy as well. Be talking with you again really soon. T

Posted April 24, 2012 10:43 AM | Reply to this comment

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