Avian Luxury Suites™

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Bird Boarding- Info and Rates

With birds moving up the pet ladder the need for an Avian Sitter is more in demand. Here at T's Exotics' Avian Luxury Suites we offer your bird accommodations of the finest just as your other pets have been able to enjoy at other facilities. Although you may be tempted to ask a family member or friend to look in on him or her, boarding may be the better choice.  Many times those you ask to bird-sit may not have the necessary experience or time required to take care of your loved one. There is a chance your bird can be injured while playing i.e. damage a blood feather or catch his nail on a toy; if the person caring for your bird is unfamiliar with this and does not know what to do; the safety of your avian family member is at risk. We do our best to insure that the emotional and physical needs of your feathered friend are being met.


So whether it be Emergency Travel, Home Repairs-Remodeling-Painting, Fogging or simply a Family Vacation, leaving your bird in our loving and trusting hands gives you self-assurance so you can relax while taking care of your other commitments.


We spend a lot of time with the birds and provide them with a lot of interaction, which keeps them busy and helps with their adjustment while you are away.


By bringing familiar toys or any special foods that your bird enjoys will help him feel more comfortable during his stay with us. I feed Zupreem foods and will be more than happy to provide this for your bird.  I do not supply toys for boarding birds; however bird toys are available for purchase. If your birds cage is easy to transport it may make his stay with us more comfortable.  


All birds boarding at T's Exotics' Avian Luxury Suites are required to have a current "Well Bird Check". Our boarding cages are thoroughly disinfected after each use. 

These boarding requirements are strictly enforced to protect the health of your bird as well as the other birds that live here.


Reservations are required, so please call ahead for availability. All pickups and drop offs are by appointment only.

We understand that emergencies arise and we will do our best to accommodate you in these situations.








Monday - Sunday: 10-12:00pm and 3-5:00pm. By appointment only!

There is a minimum $10.00 charge for birds dropped off or picked up outside of regularly scheduled office hours.


Holiday Rates: There is a 4 night minimum stay required on holidays.


We offer "Family Rates" for those who have more than one bird.


$25.00 deposit is required for all stays.

A valid Credit Card is to be kept on file and is required for all boarders.



24 hour notice required to avoid $10.00 cancellation fee.